Monday, January 30, 2012


This year the studio I work for, Divine Dance Academy, is doing The Wizard of Oz for our end of year recital so all of the classes are going all out. I told my friend and fellow teacher that I would make streamers for her girls to dance with (it's one of her little 5-6 year old Ballet/Tap Combo classes. So cute!)
These are my supplies. Ribbon in mint green, white, and lavender. They match the costume the girls will be wearing. Also some thin wooden dowels.

I also used my Mom's old trusty hot glue gun. She gave it to me a couple weeks ago because I still haven't been able to find mine :(

First, I hot glued the mint green ribbon to the top of the dowel. It is the widest of the three I bought.
 Then I glued the white ribbon on.
Then the lavender.
This is what all three of them look like glued on together.
I added some sparkle-y ribbon around the top to make all the ends come together.
I also put some glitter fingernail polish on the ends of the ribbons so they wouldn't come unraveled the more the girls used them. :) I've only made one so far to see if my friend likes them and can use them, but if she does, they really aren't hard to make at all. This one took me about 3 min!


  1. What a simple and cute project! I really like it! Linked up from Pink Cricut. Come check out my stuff, and join my site :-)


  2. What a great idea--think I will definitely do this with my daughter sometime!